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Zuger Kantonsspital

Kantonsspital Zug For more than 150 years, Kantonspital Zug has ensured that the people of Zug have access to basic medical care. The new building, with its modern infrastructure, has over 180 beds. It brings together three outstanding clinics under one roof: the surgical clinic, the medical clinic and the women's clinic. These are complemented by anaesthetics/intensive care, diagnostic and interventional radiology, and the emergency centre, which is open around the clock.

People-centred – that's our guiding principle. Our focus is on competence and humanity. Around 850 staff members apply all of their knowledge and skills to help patients regain their strength, eradicate their symptoms and get back to full health. Each year, we provide care for more than 10,000 inpatients and 47,000 outpatients.

Well-trained and motivated staff are the foundation on which we build. We provide training in 17 different professions, as well as traineeships for a range of postgraduate studies. We are a recognised training centre, where students can gain specialist medical qualifications, and an academic teaching hospital of the University of Zurich.

Zuger Kantonsspital
Landhausstrasse 11
6340 Baar
Phone: +41 41 399 11 11