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Swiss Paraplegic Centre, Nottwil

Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum The Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil is a leading acute care and specialist hospital employing 900 health professionals that focuses on the holistic rehabilitation of paraplegics. Since 1990, the staff have provided around 750,000 days of care to 16,000 patients. In 2007, the Swiss Paraplegic Centre cared for 775 inpatients (41,419 days of care) and 9,835 outpatients (18,901 instances of treatment).

The Swiss Paraplegic Centre is central to the work of the Swiss Paraplegic Group, offering over 140 beds, modern facilities for therapy, diagnostics, surgery, care, orthopaedic technology, social services, etc. under a single roof. Emergency cases are admitted 24 hours a day.

Swiss Paraplegic Centre
Guido-A.-Zäch-Strasse 1
6247 Nottwil
Phone: +41 41 939 54 54