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Lindenhofspital, Bern

Lindenhofspital Bern The Lindenhofspital has played an important role in the provision of both basic and specialised medical care to people in the greater Bern area as well as to people from outside the canton's borders for over 100 years. As a non-profit private hospital and partner of the Swiss Red Cross, it offers a comprehensive range of outstanding medical care. Specialists in all fields of medicine, first-rate care, food and accommodation and state-of-the-art facilities and methods contribute to the Lindenhofspital's excellent reputation.

As a teaching hospital, it offers many internship places in healthcare and in other fields. Interdisciplinary cooperation between doctors, nurses and other fields is particularly striking at the Lindenhofspital. The hospital boasts lean, efficient structures and places the well-being of patients at the centre of its work.

The Lindenhofspital is included in Bern's hospital planning, offers around 250 beds and employs 1,100 members of staff. It has a contemporary, modern infrastructure. The hospital provides care to around 15,000 inpatients and day-care patients a year and about 35,000 outpatients. Around 1,000 children a year are born at the Lindenhofspital.

Over 150 specialist doctors from all fields of medicine work at the Lindenhofspital as affiliated external doctors and benefit from membership of the Lindenhofspital's council of doctors. The interdisciplinary approach includes the discussion of assessment and treatment strategies in complex cases. The quality of the medical treatment and care is ensured by committed nursing staff who take the time to ensure good communication between themselves, doctors and patients in addition to excellent food and accommodation.

Bremgartenstrasse 117
3001 Bern
Phone: +41 31 300 88 11
Fax: +41 31 300 80 57