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Hôpital de La Tour, Meyrin

Hôpital de la Tour, Meyrin The Hôpital de la Tour is a high-quality private hospital with expert medical and nursing staff. Experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable, they keep up with the latest developments in medical practice. In the reception area and in terms of accommodation there is a high-quality infrastructure and a strong focus on patients. The hospital kitchen has a varied repertoire of tasty meals. Consequently, patients and their visitors benefit from high levels of comfort and quality.

The doctors, nurses and the hospital's administrative staff are keenly aware of the importance of personal contact with patients. They aim to make each patient's stay at the hospital as pleasant as possible. To ensure the well-being of patients during their stay, the hospital has private single rooms or two-bed rooms on the semi-private ward. There are a total of 165 beds.

Hôpital de La Tour
Av. J.-D. Maillard 3
1217 Meyrin
Phone: +41 22 719 61 11
Fax: +41 22 719 61 12