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Clinica Sant'Anna, Sorengo

Clinica Sant'Anna, Sorengo The Clinica Sant’Anna's maternity unit handles almost 900 births a year, and the hospital offers a wide range of other services, focusing on all areas of women's health, oncology, internal medicine, general surgery, plastic surgery and preventive medicine.

The recently opened Center for Preventive Medicine Clinic Sant'Anna offers comprehensive, detailed programmes for all those seeking a thorough assessment of their health.

The hospital's key strengths are the prestige of the structure, the level of preparation of the medical and nursing staff, technology, the hotel-standard ambience and the personal care tailored to meet the needs of individual patients.

Over 4,000 patients a year benefit from a stay in our hospital and enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Lugano.

Clinica Sant’Anna
Via Sant’Anna
6924 Lugano-Sorengo
Phone: +41 91 985 12 11
Fax: +41 91 985 13 61