Treatment of chronic skin disorders

Offer for Helsana Group policyholders

Treatment at the Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ) on the Dead Sea

If you suffer from chronic skin disease (psoriasis, neurodermatitis or vitiligo) or psoriasis with joint involvement (psoriasis arthropathica) and have exhausted the treatment options in Switzerland, you have the option of undergoing rehabilitative treatment at a facility on the Dead Sea, the Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ). On request, we will initiate contact with the DMZ for you.

The DMZ team will inform and advise you in writing and by phone about the treatment options at their facility on the Dead Sea and the best times of year for treatment. Depending on the medical indication and your preferred dates, the necessary travel arrangements and reservations will be made by the DMZ.

You will fly to Tel Aviv and be greeted at the airport by the local patient care service. You will be driven by the hotel's own transfer service to the Lot spa hotel. On completion of the rehabilitation, the return trip to Switzerland is organised on a similar basis.

Insurance benefits

The following Helsana Group supplementary insurance covers your stay with Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ) on the Dead Sea.


Please note: Helsana Group has entered into a special agreement with the Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ). Any applicable deductible depends on the limitations included in the supplementary insurance product.

Find out more:

If you are interested in being treated at the DMZ, please call us at the Helsana Group Competence Centre for Treatment Programmes Abroad:
Tel. 058 340 59 45

We are happy to advise you individually about the benefits, options and treatment costs. On request, we will also contact the DMZ.