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Offer for Helsana Group policyholders

Consultation at the National Center for Tumour Diseases (NCT)

If you would like a consultation at the NCT, we will put you in contact with the centre in Heidelberg and thus with a responsible physician.

You will have an appointment with this physician to discuss the current diagnosis, the treatment received and further treatment options. After your case has been reviewed by the clinic's tumour board, you will receive an individualised treatment recommendation. The outpatient consultation does not necessarily require an overnight stay in Heidelberg. You are responsible for organising the trip yourself.

Insurance benefits

The following supplementary insurances offered by the Helsana Group pay different daily benefits for the second opinion, depending on the product.


Please note: Helsana Group has entered into a special agreement with the National Center for Tumour Diseases (NCT). Any applicable deductible will depend on the type of insurance you have.

Find out more:

If you are interested in obtaining a second opinion from the NCT, please call the Helsana Group Competence Centre for Treatment Programmes Abroad: Tel. 058 340 59 45

We are happy to advise you individually about the benefits, options and treatment costs. On request, we will also contact the NCT in Heidelberg.