About us

The Helsana Group is the leading health and accident insurer in Switzerland. It offers individuals and companies a complete health and prevention service in the event of sickness and accidents.

“Committed to that extra Plus in life.”

In autumn 2017, we launched our own bonus programme in the form of the Helsana+ app. The key character in the campaign was Benni, who enthusiastically set out on the hunt for Plus points. In spring 2018, the campaign entered its second round.

Through the Helsana+ app, we reward behaviour that promotes good health. Being active and doing sport, being a member of social and sports clubs, taking preventive health measures and being loyal to Helsana are all rewarded with Plus points.

While the first Helsana+ campaign showed how easy it is to collect Plus points, the second campaign focuses on the many advantages of actively using Helsana+. Benni shows Switzerland how Plus points can be easily converted into cash and makes his wishes come true. In line with the concept of Helsana+: collect Plus points for adopting behaviour that promotes good health and for being loyal to Helsana – and be rewarded.

The fact that Switzerland not only collects Plus points, but can also use them to its advantage, was broadcast to a wide audience on TV, in particular.

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