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October 2016

Where health is concerned, everybody demands a land of milk and honey.

A close examination of the Swiss healthcare system

Where health is concerned, we all wish for a land of milk and honey: state-of-the-art medicine, immediate specialised care and assistance at all times. How long will this remain financially feasible? The rising healthcare costs are the biggest concern for the Swiss. In our special health insurance company edition, we present all the influencing factors, facts & figures and opportunities, provide saving tips and explain how Helsana is fighting against the rising costs.

Why are healthcare costs increasing?

Big Picture Nothing concerns our population as much as healthcare costs and the rising health insurance premiums. Where do these costs come from and what factors can we influence? What are the key variables in the system? Summary of all facts.

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An interview with Helsana CEO, Daniel H. Schmutz

CEO Interview Schmutz Medication prices in Switzerland are too high, especially for generic medication. Misplaced incentives also place a burden on our system. This is where Helsana CEO, Daniel H. Schmutz, wants to put more pressure on those responsible. Where he sees further potential savings and how Helsana commits itself in this respect.

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Six myths about health insurance

Mythos 4 "Health insurance companies make a profit, so that they can even set aside reserves." "They only look after healthy people because they don’t cost them anything." You hear myths like that and other ones about health insurance companies time and again. What is the truth of the matter?

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How we uncover cases of fraud

Betrugsbekämpfung Banderet Cosandier Wherever money is involved, you will also find fraudsters. They tweak, manipulate and invent invoices in order to cheat insurance companies. Sébastian Cosandier and Christophe Banderet from Helsana explain the different methods that fraudsters come up with.

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Helsana analyses the healthcare system

Schweizer Karte Anreisserbild Are medical treatment and the administration of medication appropriate? Is the quality offered in the healthcare sector as it should be? Helsana examines this in all regions throughout Switzerland. Our studies identify errors and gaps in the system.

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