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September 2016

Titelbild Senso Psychische Gesundheit
Conny Grossenbacher suffers from panic attacks. Motorbike riding helps her to relax.

Recovering and keeping your mental health

Mental disorders are widespread in Switzerland. But mental illness remains a taboo topic, either because of shame, fear or ignorance. However, mental illness must be treated like any other disorder. “Depression isn't cured by itself,” says Florian Holsboer, a researcher into depression, in an interview. And how do sufferers cope with their illness? We let them tell us, we talk to experts and we serve up information.

Mentally ill people tell their stories

Erfahrungsberichte Hans Schmied had to give up his hotel because of depression. Conny Grossenbacher, Jürg B. and Silvie Hofmann also suffer from mental problems such as panic attacks, drug addiction and compulsions. In the video they talk about how they are mastering these problems and the things that make them strong.

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Do superfoods make sense?

Superfood Kale Federkohl klein It started in New York: suddenly, everybody was eating and drinking leaf cabbage, also known as kale. How healthy is this wonder vegetable really? And what about chia seeds or goji berries? Read what the nutritional consultant Stéphanie Hochstrasser has to say about this.

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Interview with Professor Florian Holsboer, a researcher into depression

Florian Holsboer Can every depression be cured? How is depression correctly treated? Why is this illness dangerous? What does depression feel like? Read about the answers and latest research findings in the interview with Professor Florian Holsboer.

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Preventing and treating burnout

Burnout Everybody is talking about burnout. But very few people really know anything about the illness. Is it a depression? Or “just” acute exhaustion? Our expert investigates. Find out how to prevent, recognise and cure burnout.

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