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June 2016

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The marvel that is the heart. Our lives depend on this small organ.

Preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases

Our heart pumps blood continuously and unobtrusively 100,000 times a day. However, sometimes it starts beating irregularly: cardiovascular diseases are the most frequent cause of death in Switzerland. Letizia Rampinelli and Peter Kornberger both survived a heart attack. Their moving stories are a real incentive to take more care of the small but powerful organ. What preventive measure can you personally take? Here you will find some advice and suggestions.

Interview with the heart surgeon, Thierry Carrel

Carrel The renowned Swiss heart surgeon, Thierry Carrel, is fascinated by the heart. He operates on both young and old diseased hearts on a daily basis and saves lives in the process. However, a successful operation is just the beginning according to Carrel.

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Heart attacks have different symptoms in women

Frauenherzen schlagen anders Letizia Rampinelli was only 24 when initial symptoms of a heart attack started tormenting her. However, she attributed them to her mental stress. Her heart disease went unnoticed for decades. Until one day it decided to strike.

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Survivor of two heart attacks

Story Herzinfarkt Anreisserbild Peter Kornberger thought it was impossible for him to have a heart attack. He had never been sick, was fully committed to his job and was much too young to have one at the age of 44. Until his life was hanging by a thread. On two separate occasions. The father from Thurgau tells how he then completely changed his lifestyle.

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Pros and cons of early detection of breast cancer with a mammogram

Debatte More than 1,400 women across Switzerland die of breast cancer every year. That is why the member of the St. Gallen Cantonal Parliament for SP, Heidi Hanselmann, advocates screening programmes for all women. Gerd Gigerenzer from the Max Planck Institute warns against it. What is your opinion?

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Fitness tips for the heart from Thomas Mullis

So trainiere ich mein Herz optimal What is the best cardio workout? When is a break in training called for? And what should you look out for after a heart operation? You will be advised by our training expert and physical education teacher, Thomas Mullis, who also manages the Helsana Trails.

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