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March 2016

Susanne Kocher performing voluntary work at the baby unit at the Inselspital Bern

Working for God's reward

Volunteering has a long-standing tradition in this country. One in three people volunteer. Together they put in a total of 665 million working hours. Who are these 2.7 million people who give up their free time to help others? What is their incentive? What does society get out of it and where are all the places that volunteers work? We will provide you with background information and tell you how volunteering will change in the future.

From culture clubs to childcare

Händegrafik Volunteering is more widespread in our country than in almost all others. Be it for a club, in social organisations or in hospital. What sectors are most volunteers involved in? The answer is provided by the infographic.

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How neighbourhood assistance works today

Alte Menschen Who waters your plants when you go away on holiday? And who supports you if you have no friends or family in old age? How good it is that neighbourhood assistance is available in such and similar situations. We present you with two models.

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Invaluable voluntary service in hospital

Betreuerin mit Baby It is hard to imagine hospital life without them: the many volunteers who give their time to patients and support them. 150 men and women volunteer at Berner Inselspital. Senso met up with three of them.

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Grandparents get stuck in

Rinaldo mit Enkelin He looks after her every Monday. It is clear to Rinaldo Dieziger’s four-year-old daughter: her granddad, “Nonnodolfo”, is simply the best! His son, Rinaldo, tells us the reason for this and explains why his family would be up the creek without “nonno”.

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A life dedicated to the sports club

Swimming Coach More than 300,000 volunteers work for a sports club in this country. They put in countless hours of work, including at weekends and late at night, and they do so with enthusiasm. Just like Susanne Brühlmann and Antoinette Gerber from the Romanshorn Swimming Club.

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Baby Reina rescued in air ambulance jet

Emra Familie klein Nasip and Edona Emra’s first holiday with their baby in Kosovo is a nightmare: they fight to keep four-month-old Reina alive. Only repatriation to Switzerland brings a change for the better. The father, Nasip, tells what they experienced.

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