In its publication Standpunkt, the Helsana Group gives its opinion on current issues in health policy, corporate policy issues, new products and services, and partnerships.

Standpunkt is published several times a year (only in German and French). It can also be ordered free of charge in printed format. 

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November issue 2020

  • Measures for reducing costs
  • Federal taxation of medical care
  • Healthcare functions on a regional level, not cantonal
  • Health Technology Assessments
  • New pharmacy rate LOA V
  • “End of life” – cost differences for end-of-life care 
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August issue 2020

  • Outpatient tariff organisation and uniform national flat rates
  • New individual benefit tariff
  • Exemption as per articles 71a–71d (Health Insurance Ordinance)        
  • “Blacklists” for those who fail to pay their premiums on time
  • Outpatient medication provision during the pandemic
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May issue 2020

  • Data Protection Act: Audit of accounts
  • Reserves
  • Hospital planning and hospital tariffs
  • Tariff structure for pharmacy services
  • Study on opioids
  • Uniform financing
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January issue 2020

  • Uniform financing and licensing of service providers
  • Revision of the Federal Insurance Contract Act (VVG)
  • Indirect counterproposal to the care initiative
  • Helsana Drug Report (biosimilars/antibiotics)
  • Fragmentation of healthcare


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