Helsana donates two avatars to Aarau Cantonal Hospital

By supporting the Avatar Project, Helsana is playing a major part in promoting the social integration of sick children. As part of its commitment to this cause, Helsana is donating two avatars to the Cantonal Hospital in Aarau. Robot avatar Nao gives children who are in hospital for an extended period of time a bit of normalcy by allowing them to maintain contact with their school and home.


As part of its support of the Avatar Project, Helsana is donating avatars to selected hospitals. Today, Helsana handed over two robot avatars to Clinical Director Professor Henrik Köhler at the Cantonal Hospital in Aarau. The head of the paediatric clinic is excited to use the avatars: “The Avatar is reserved for sick children who are in our ward for an extended period of time, usually due to cancer.”

Even if you're ill, you don't have to miss out on anything: The Avatar robot Nao enables children and younger people to stay in contact with their school and home life even when they have to be in hospital for a long time. Nao stands in for the child in situ and makes it possible for him or her to be "there" in real time. Nao sits in the classroom in place of the child and can be operated using a tablet or smartphone from a hospital bed or from home. This allows the child to take part "live" in lessons at school. “The children love it when they can see and hear their friends through Nao,” says Jean Christophe Gostanian, CEO of avatar manufacturer Avatarion Technology. “It allows them to remain integrated and they feel less lonely.”

Social commitment is something Helsana cares a lot about. Helsana demonstrates its commitment to society by entering into selected partnerships in the social, prevention and information provision fields.

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