Helsana and the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) are combining their strengths to combat the coronavirus pandemic

Helsana and the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) entered into a three-year partnership at the start of 2020. Both organisations are committed to a healthy society. In light of the current situation, the part-ners are making a joint contribution to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic in Switzerland. Helsana is donating CHF 1 million to the SRC. This money will be used both to finance face masks for the SRC’s voluntary service as well as its support offers in Switzerland. In order to underline its social commitment, Helsana is providing medically qualified personnel to support the Corona Test Centre in Bern managed by the SRC on behalf of the canton.


Daniel H. Schmutz, CEO of the Helsana Group, and Thomas Heiniger, President of the Swiss Red Cross, at the signing of the contract.

Helsana and the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) are both committed to a healthy society and in 2020 therefore entered into a three-year partnership. In light of current events, overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic has become the focus of the partnership. The partners have therefore taken the decision to make a joint solidarity contribution to the Swiss population. This presents itself as follows:

  • Helsana employees with a medical background are working on a voluntary basis at the Corona Test Centre in Bern.
  • Helsana is donating CHF 1 million to the SRC for support offers. Of this amount, CHF 500,000 will be donated for face masks (200,000 FFP2 face masks and 300,000 hygiene masks) for the SRC organisations and their voluntary services.
  • The other CHF 500,000 donated by Helsana will be used to finance the SRC’s domestic support offers. Among others, these include:
  •     Financial support for people who find themselves in a social and financial emergency caused by the pandemic.
  •     Free delivery services for food or medication for risk groups.
  •     Voluntary services by medical personnel at health institutions.
  •     Coordination and support of voluntary helpers (equipment, training, psychosocial help).

“The partnership is in line with Helsana’s strategy of assuming responsibility as a shaper of the Swiss healthcare system”, says Daniel H. Schmutz, CEO of the Helsana Group, in explaining the cooperation. “In light of the current situation, we have decided to together make a solidarity contribution to the health of the Swiss population. We want to be there for people when it counts”.

Furthermore, Helsana is supporting the SRC’s Corona Emergency Fund. Persons insured with Helsana and users of the Helsana+ bonus programme can now redeem their collected Plus points in the app for a sum of money and donate this to the Corona Emergency Fund of the Swiss Red Cross. Helsana will double the amount donated to benefit coronavirus risk groups.

Support for first-aid courses and the care of relatives

Due to the current situation, the commitment is presently primarily dedicated to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, during the three-year partnership, the partners will also work together to promote first aid and ease the burden on those tasked with caring for relatives. Helsana and the SRC want to create incentives for people to attend first-aid courses. Together, they will therefore contribute to expanding the network of first aiders in Switzerland. The partners will also promote support offers for people who care for their relatives.

“We see many synergies in the cooperation with Helsana. The topic of health unites us and provides us with strength for tackling special challenges. By combining our strengths, we will work together for a healthy Switzerland – both now and in the future”, concludes Thomas Heiniger, President of the Swiss Red Cross.

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