Prix Sana honours committed healthcare workers

Every year, Fondation Sana shines a spotlight on three individuals who are passionate in their commitment to the health of others. This year’s winners of the Prix Sana are from the cantons of Aargau, Bern and Valais.


Fondation Sana is a shareholder of the Helsana Group and uses the Prix Sana to honour people who are committed to their fellow citizens and our healthcare system. Their initiative and passion send out key signals to our society and are an impressive testament to the importance of personal commitment in the healthcare sector.

This year’s Prix Sana goes to Marguerite Paus-Luiselli from Buchs (AG), Martin Bieri from Kräiligen (BE) and Mireille May from Sarreyer (VS). They were recognised last Saturday, 4 November 2023, for their selfless dedication. The award winners will each receive prize money of CHF 10,000.

So who are these three healthcare heroes?

Marguerite Paus-Luiselli

Marguerite Paus-Luiselli, who graduated from ETH Zurich with a doctorate in agricultural science, was a professor and successful researcher until a cardiac arrest changed her life. She fought her way back to health during a long rehabilitation period and had to learn everything from scratch. Today, she is a committed volunteer helper, working with older people in particular. She is using her second lease of life to help others with her remarkable dedication, energy and sincerity.

Marguerite Paus-Luiselli

Martin Bieri

Martin Bieri lost several limbs in a serious accident through no fault of his own. During the time he spent training to become a driving instructor, he and two friends founded the “Ufstah” association to give encouragement to people with similar fates and help them get back on their feet. He himself is the best possible example of how you can live an independent and fulfilled life, and be there for others, even after this sort of stroke of fate.

Martin Bieri

Mireille May

Mireille May has been dedicating her life to people with disabilities for almost twenty years now. She and her friend Bernadette Visinand founded the Parenthèse (meaning parenthesis) foundation back in 2004. Up until 2020, the two women welcomed people with multiple disabilities for periods of up to one month. They gave them the gift of fun holiday experiences and offered professional nursing care, giving the guests’ relatives some time off to themselves. The model gave both parties a much-needed break. Both women are still supporting some families to this day. 

Mireille May

Fondation Sana and Helsana would like to congratulate these three extraordinary people most warmly and thank them for their valuable contribution to society.

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