Four winners of the Prix Sana 2020

This year’s Swiss healthcare award Prix Sana has been won by two humble caretakers from French-speaking Switzerland and a married couple in the canton of Zurich. For ten years now, the Helsana shareholder Fondation Sana has awarded this prize as a way to recognise people for their selfless dedication to others.


On Friday, 20 November 2020, the jury of five selected two women and a married couple as the 2020 winners of the Prix Sana. They will each by presented with CHF 10,000 in prize money and a sculpture by the renowned Swiss artist Gottfried Honegger. 

The following four individuals are being recognised by the Prix Sana this year:

Jean-Harry-Rolf and Regina Etzensperger from Watt in the canton of Zurich make a remarkable contribution to the health and social sector. The social workers and parents of five children have taken in many young people with special needs or from socially disadvantaged families over the years. Children in crisis situations were also able to find refuge with the couple, and even in their retirement they continue to offer daycare services.

Anne-Marie Struijk from Vessey in the canton of Geneva is committed to ensuring that the emphasis in palliative care is placed on people and their needs. She established the “Fondation La Maison de Tara” in 2007, and her organisation trains 35 to 45 palliative care volunteers each year. In “La Maison de Tara” itself, people can spend the final days and weeks of their life in dignity, and in accordance with their wishes. 

Mireille Udriot from Choëx sur Monthey in the canton of Valais has a soft spot for children with special needs or from difficult family environments. Her organisation “Emmanuel SOS Adoption” has been finding families for affected children since 1984, and 84 children have found a new home this way so far. Her and her husband, themselves parents of three children, have adopted eight children with special needs. They donated their house – the “ANAWIM” chalet – to the organisation as a home for people with special needs.

Find out more about their life stories in the video portraits (in German)

Nominate the next winners

The Prix Sana is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. While the anniversary event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, nominations for the next Prix Sana are already being accepted. Do you know anyone who takes responsibility for looking after their fellow human beings in Switzerland on a voluntary basis? Your input could be worthwhile for you, too: the Foundation is giving away hotel vouchers worth CHF 1,000 each to three entrants. 

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