Merger of Progrès and Helsana for sustainable premium stability

Progrès Insurance Company Ltd, previously an independent subsidiary, is merging with Helsana Insurance Company Ltd, effective 1 January 2022. The merger will support stable and sustainable premium development, and is the final step that will mark the end of the multi-brand strategy.


On 1 January 2022, the Helsana Group will merge its basic insurance subsidiary Progrès Insurance Company Ltd with Helsana Insurance Company Ltd. The benefits and services offered by Progrès and Helsana are congruent. In addition, the refined risk compensation for basic insurance has led to similarity in premiums, so this is a highly favourable moment for a merger. The merger supports our strategy of offering stable, sustainable premiums and secures financial security. Overall, the merger is the final step that will mark the end of the multi-brand strategy.

Insurance contracts for basic insurance customers of Progrès will be taken over by Helsana effective 1 January 2022, and the benefits agreed therein will remain. Insured persons will benefit from the merger as a larger pool of policyholders promises more stable, sustainable premium development. The modalities of the merger were submitted to the supervisory authority for review.

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