Helsana is the first Swiss health insurer to offer the option of storing its insurance card in a mobile phone wallet

Policyholders can now add their insurance card to their “Wallet” app using the “myHelsana” app. This new feature enables Helsana customers to easily access their insurance card in electronic form.


Whether they’re at the pharmacy or the doctor’s, customers can now access their insurance card in just a few taps by storing it in their wallet on their Android smartphone, iPhone or smartwatch. Going forward, this means that they can pull up their insurance card on their mobile as quickly and easily as, say, a credit card, cinema ticket, event ticket or boarding pass.

“This new feature makes day-to-day life easier for insured persons and service providers alike”, says Sandro Mannino, Head of Client & Market at Helsana. Thanks to its in-built QR code, the digital insurance card functions just like the physical plastic card and contains all the data required to ensure smooth communication between insured persons and service providers. Helsana is the first Swiss health insurer to make its digital insurance card available in the “Wallet” app – highlighting its position as a first-mover in the industry.

Insurers’ billing data helps patients

This is not the only digital innovation unveiled by Helsana. Now, users can also utilise the “myHelsana” app to access a list of all the medication they have purchased and submitted for billing. Previously, it was not easy for users to maintain an overview of the medications they had taken – especially when several service providers, such as hospitals, general practitioners and pharmacies, were involved. Helsana billing data now gives patients an overview of this.

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