Helsana top at reimbursement

The four health insurers in the Helsana Group – Helsana, Avanex, Progrès and Sansan – are among the fastest when it comes to reimbursements.


This emerged from an evaluation, published on Monday 12 October 2015, by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) on the payment times of Swiss health insurers (in German). It found that it took these Helsana insurers on average just a day to trigger a reimbursement, compared with the average of ten days for all other health insurers. Apart from the four in the Helsana Group, the only health insurer to manage it in just a day is the Ingenbohl Health Fund.

Insurers are obliged to check whether the service can be paid for under compulsory health insurance. In some cases, then, the reimbursement can take longer for bills from doctors, hospitals or pharmacists that have already been paid.

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