Helsana, Hirslanden and Medbase combine their expertise

Helsana, the Hirslanden Group and Medbase are launching the first Switzerland-wide cooperation between outpatient and inpatient service providers and a health insurer. The partners’ shared goal is to offer their customers integrated medical care throughout their entire treatment plan. The focus is on access to comprehensive additional services in the area of supplementary insurance.


Helsana’s new expanded service for customers with semi-private, private and Primeo insurance will initially be available in the Bern region as part of a pilot project starting in May 2021, after which it is set to gradually extend to the whole of Switzerland. The cooperation of the three partners means that Helsana customers will benefit from a wider range of services with more choice and greater comfort. The customer-oriented combination of outpatient and inpatient services allows for integrated, high-quality care throughout the entire treatment plan (see box below).

In this cooperation, the respective expertise of the three partners complements each other within an integrated care plan: Helsana offers its customers access to high quality care with innovative insurance solutions. The strengths of Medbase include a broad base of basic outpatient medical care, therapy and pharmaceuticals, as well as prevention at all levels. Hirslanden is Switzerland’s largest medical network and a leader in specialist medicine, radiology and diagnostics.  

High quality of care throughout the treatment plan

Under the cooperation with the Hirslanden Group and Medbase, Helsana customers with supplementary insurance (Primeo, semi-private, private) benefit from comprehensive additional services:

  • Prevention & health promotion
    Network partners Medbase and Hirslanden are offering Helsana customers access to a comprehensive check-up service (medical check basic, sport check-up, stress check-up, etc.).
  • Planning & preparation
    At the customer’s request, the point of contact CarelinePremium will coordinate additional benefits from the network of Medbase and Hirslanden – from prevention to follow-up care. This means it covers all administrative and organisational concerns (e.g. arranging transport before and after an operation, support at home after an operation) and ensures comfort benefits.
  • Outpatient & inpatient care
    Individual customer care helps ensure the best possible treatment plan. For outpatient or inpatient procedures, insured persons benefit from fast, flexible access, prestigious specialists and innovative forms of medical treatment (e.g. in the field of precision medicine that considers individual genetic requirements and enables personalised forms of diagnosis and therapy).
  • Follow-up treatment
    Intensive outpatient physiotherapy allows for an expanded range of treatments such as coaching via video call, comprehensive testing and innovative therapies – initially for shoulder complaints not caused by injury. This is applied conservatively (without an operation) as well as pre- or post-operatively. A convenience package that patients receive when they’re discharged following outpatient operations supports them in their recovery.

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