Honours for health heroes

On Saturday 28 November, Fondation Sana announced the recipients of the 2015 Prix Sana national health award at the Lucerne exhibition hall. The award was given to four people who are selflessly committed to the wellbeing of their fellows.


Every year, Fondation Sana, the major shareholder of Helsana honours one or more people with the Prix Sana. Last Saturday the award was given to four people:

Theres Lindt and Thomas Mainberger, a married couple from Ittigen bei Bern were awarded for the extraordinary commitment with which they have been taking care of sometimes severely handicapped children in their private home for the past 15 years. Christine Gäumann from Winterthur received the Prix Sana for the inestimable commitment with which she initiated and built up a project to support children of mentally ill parents in Winterthur. The third winner is Coralie Baraviera from Sonceboz in the Bernese Jura. With her positive attitude she became the driving force in the life of her husband, who suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of 24 shortly after their marriage and is still battling with the after-effects.

You can watch the videos recording the moving life stories of these people
at www.prix-sana.ch (in German).

Here you can also find the entry conditions for the 2016 award. Fondation Sana is already looking for candidates for next year's prize. The Prix Sana is worth CHF 30,000 in total. Do you know anybody who has earned this award? Then please inform Fondation Sana. And with some luck you can win a prize yourself: hotel accommodation worth CHF 1,000.

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