Helsana recognises "Fitness Classification"

Helsana is the first Swiss health insurer to recognise the "Fitness Classification", a new rating system for fitness and health centres. The rating scale goes from one to five stars. Centres which are rated three-star and above are recognised by Helsana.


The new «Fitness Classification» rating offers insured persons maximum transparency in respect of what sports enthusiasts expect from their gym or health centre. The star rating system of the Swiss Fitness and Health Centre Association assesses training centres on 176 criteria, including the range of classes and facilities, and the quality of their support and training.

The rating system - similar to that for hotels - ranges from one star, where the minimum requirements are met, to five stars for centres that provide the highest standard of support and top-quality amenities. Helsana recognises health centres that are rated three-star or above. «Our recognition of this new certification system provides added value for our customers», says Claudio Paulin, Head of Functional Management for Health Promotion at Helsana.

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