New Drug Report creates greater transparency in supply of medicinal products

Helsana has today published its 2016 Drug Report, thus contributing to greater understanding of the Swiss medication market and the trends for quantities as well as costs. The assessment of our statement data shows that costs are continuing to rise and that medication costs are now at an all-time high.


The Helsana Drug Report is unique in Switzerland. The report – published today and compiled in cooperation with the University Hospital of Basel (USB) and the European Centre of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM) at the University of Basel – provides authentic insights into the supply of medicinal products in Switzerland. It provides assessments of the market trends for medicinal products based on our own (anonymised) statement data and gives a representative picture of the number of recipients of medication and the resulting costs.

Medication costs are still rising

The analysis of the previous year shows that medication costs increased again in 2015, reaching an all-time high of CHF 6.6 billion. The rise in costs of +5.9 per cent was considerably higher than in 2014. Consumption was one factor that contributed to the increase: since 2012, both the number of drug purchases and the costs per patient have risen constantly.

Cost trends reveal need for action

On the one hand, the Drug Report contributes to a better understanding of the Swiss medication market and the trends for quantities and costs over recent years. At the same time, it aims to spark a debate on the supply of medicinal products. The latest figures reveal that there is a need for debate and action in the field of medication.

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