Helsana: Committed to life

Helsana has one big objective going forward. By 2018, it wants to be among the top three companies in terms of customer recommendations. And to reach that goal, Helsana is committed to helping customers at all levels. The aim is not merely to talk about commitment, but to demonstrate at every opportunity that Helsana understands what makes the customer tick. On 18 April 2016, CEO Daniel H. Schmutz presented Helsana’s new strategic direction at a press conference held at the blood transfusion centre of the Interregionale Blutspende SRK in Lausanne-Epalinges.


“Committed to life” is the pledge underpinning Helsana’s new strategic direction. CEO Daniel H. Schmutz: “We are committed to the lives of each and every one of our members, in good times as well as bad.” With its slogan “Committed to life”, Helsana is making the customer the focal point of all it does and has lost no time in acting on its pledge: a national blood donor campaign involving Helsana employees in conjunction with the Swiss Red Cross is an important contribution to the supply of blood products and a token of Helsana’s commitment to the health of the Swiss population. After Lausanne, the initiative will move on to Helsana’s other major sites in St. Gallen, Stettbach, Bellinzona and Worblaufen.

In order to enhance proximity to the customer and make lines of contact even more direct, Helsana has reorganised its customer service extensively, with regional care teams now looking after their respective customer portfolios. The aim of CEO Daniel H. Schmutz is quite clear: “We want our customers to be happy with us and the service we provide. So happy, in fact, that they are prepared to recommend us to family and friends. A recommendation is always an expression of support and trust. And proof positive that our new strategic direction is bearing fruit. So we want our recommendation rate to hit new heights between now and 2018.”


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