Helsana reports solid business performance

The Helsana Group achieved a net profit of CHF 49 million in the 2023 financial year. The premium volume increased to CHF 7.8 billion, and the operating expense ratio was reduced to 7.7%. The equity base remains solid as usual at CHF 2.7 billion, and all companies continue to fulfil the solvency requirements. This year, Helsana is publishing its first comprehensive sustainability report, and also celebrating its 125-year anniversary.


The 2023 financial year was again more encouraging, and Helsana can report net profit of CHF 49 million. An underwriting loss of CHF 31.7 million was offset by net investment income of CHF 120.5 million. The premium volume was increased to a total of CHF 7.8 billion, and the Helsana Group’s combined ratio (CR) improved slightly to 100.4% (2022: 100.7%). A disciplined approach to costs enabled the operating expense ratio to be reduced significantly yet again, as in the previous year, reaching a figure of 7.7% for the reporting year.

Positive developments in the supplementary insurance and corporate divisions

The supplementary insurance business for individual customers remained encouragingly profitable with a CR of 86.4%. The corporate division also remained profitable overall in 2023 following many years of efforts in this regard, with a CR of 98.9%. The trend in the supplementary insurance business for daily sickness benefits was equally encouraging overall. The reorganisation efforts are bearing fruit in the form of a CR of 99.9%, and continuing with this positive development will be key. In the accident insurance business, the CR comes to 94.2%.

Further increase in benefit costs under basic insurance

The cost situation in the basic insurance segment deteriorated significantly again in 2023, with an inflation rate of 4.7%. This high inflation translated into a CR of 103.8%. The associated underwriting loss amounts to CHF -220 million. “We saw this cost growth coming. That’s why, in order to ensure solvency, an above-average increase in premiums was required in 2023,” explains Ronny Bächtold, Helsana’s CFO. This effect was cushioned to some degree for our customers thanks to an extremely solid financial buffer in the form of our fluctuation reserves. He adds: “The strong investment income generated in the reporting year will now be used to build up our reserves and equity base even more. It also ensures that we will remain a reliable institution within the Swiss healthcare sector going forward.”

Encouraging year for investments, and good market position in terms of premiums in 2024

The international capital markets fared better than expected. Compared with the previous year, investments performed exceptionally well in the reporting year (5.9%). “Our investment performance is once again comfortably above the benchmark, and with an equity base of CHF 2.7 billion, Helsana will remain a financially strong and sustainably healthy enterprise. All its companies continue to meet the statutory solvency requirements. Helsana is also well-equipped to face whatever extraordinary developments the future may bring,” says Roman Sonderegger, Helsana’s CEO.

Annual report 2023

Helsana brings out its first sustainability report

This year, Helsana is for the first time reporting comprehensively on its activities in relation to sustainability, which is an integral part of its business model. With regard to its core business, Helsana sees its contribution in its commitment to an efficient, well-coordinated, high-quality and financially viable healthcare system. This includes integrated care models, prevention, digitalisation and new remuneration systems. Helsana also acts as a sustainable employer and investor and as a partner to charitable institutions and projects. “We have been offering our customers and employees security across the generations for 125 years now. We will do everything in our power to continue this tradition and be even more systematic in firmly establishing sustainability in all aspects of our activities,” Roman declares.

Sustainability Report 2023

Helsana is celebrating its 125-year anniversary in 2024

Helsana’s success story started on 10 December 1899 with the foundation of the Helvetia health insurance company, and has gone from strength to strength since 1997 when it merged with Artisana to become Helsana. Helsana is proud of the role it has played over these 125 successful years and is celebrating its anniversary in 2024.

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