"A diagnosis of cancer is no longer the death sentence it used to be"

In the second edition of the newly designed private client magazine of Senso, which focuses on cancer, oncologist Dr Thomas Cerny elaborates on this topic during an interview. Cancer, he says, is increasingly becoming a disease that people live with for a long time, and this is thanks to medical progress.


The second edition of Helsana's redesigned private customer magazine, Senso, looks at how to provide our patients with the best possible cancer care. In the main part of the magazine, Dr. Thomas Cerny, one of the leading oncologists in Switzerland, explains why Switzerland is a leader in skin cancer research and therapy, why the chances of surviving breast cancer vary by region, and what patients need to look for when starting cancer treatment. In the second part, the Oncology Centre at Heidelberg, where our customers receive a second opinion at one of the world's leading clinics for cancer treatment, is introduced.

Cancer often used to be seen as a death sentence, but cancer research has been making steady advances. For people with the diseases, cancer is increasingly a long-term illness rather than the death sentence it once was. Nowhere else in the world has the risk of dying from cancer dropped as dramatically as it has in Switzerland. Therapies provide cancer sufferers with optimal and efficient treatments. Thanks to one of the world's best healthcare systems, patients now have direct access to specialists and innovative medicines.

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