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  • Laugh – it’s good for you.

    When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Or expressed joy over a small thing in life? Laughing a lot helps relieve stress and makes us happier. It is relaxing and reduces anger, anxiety and pain – and it even improves the immune system.

    Why emotions are good for us

    Emotions such as joy and sadness shape our lives and our health. The way we deal with feelings has a huge impact. Tips for increased well-being.

    Strengthen your immune system

    Laughing boosts your immune system. What else has a positive effect on it? Find out more.

    • Less stress

      Laughing reduces stress hormones. It is relaxing, and regulates our body. Even a little chuckle has an effect!

    • Alleviates pain

      When laughing, the body produces endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of happiness and reduce pain.

    • Boosts immunity

      Laughing helps produce immune cells and antibodies, which gives pathogens less of a chance.

    Inspiration for a better quality of life

    Life is unique and our health is valuable. Our emotional state has a huge influence on our well-being; for example, how we deal with stress and how we go about our lives. With the “Long live life” campaign, we want to inspire people to celebrate life in all its facets – every single day. Our blog posts will help you to do so. How can you do yourself some good?