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  • Kiss – it’s energising.

    A kiss is the most intimate sign of affection. We are flooded with sensations of happiness and feel carefree. Kissing also acts as a training session for your heart and circulation. A workout without any effort – what could be better?

    Why closeness is healthy

    Kissing and cuddling strengthen the heart and circulatory system – and that’s not all!

    Tips for a strong heart

    Kissing protects your heart – but there are other things that do it some good, too, like mindfulness and spending time with friends.

    • Strong immune system

      Kisses mobilise the body’s own defences.

    • Healthier circulation

      When you kiss, your heart beats faster. It stimulates metabolism and strengthens the lungs.

    • Less tension

      Kissing is good for stress. It reduces stress hormones and is relaxing.

    Inspiration for a better quality of life

    Life is unique and our health is valuable. Our emotional state has a huge influence on our well-being; for example, how we deal with stress and how we go about our lives. With the “Long live life” campaign, we want to inspire people to celebrate life in all its facets – every single day. Our blog posts will help you to do so. How can you do yourself some good?