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    Whether we’re happy, down or stressed, our feelings influence our lives and our health. We should explore our feelings; relationships can help us. What makes us more resilient and the most surprising insights from the 2022 Helsana Emotions Study.

    How do you feel right now? What gives you strength? More than 5,500 people in Switzerland answered these and other questions about their emotions as part of the representative study conducted by Helsana and the research institute Sotomo in the spring.

    The evaluation of the Helsana Emotions Study shows that: Switzerland is feeling “so-so”. Many people are “satisfied” (41%), but feelings of being overwhelmed are just as common: those surveyed are “exhausted” (39%), “anxious” (38%) and “stressed” (29%).

    Is social media responsible for exhaustion among the young?

    It is striking that, at almost 60%, young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 feel the most exhausted. For the political scientist and head of the Sotomo research institute, Michael Hermann, this is astounding: “Young adults don’t (yet) generally have any work or family responsibilities, but still they feel exhausted. We’re talking about an exhausted generation.” This finding points towards the pervasiveness of social media as a root cause – but also the high expectations that young people have of themselves.

    Talking about your feelings is healthy

    Lots of people are stressed and worried, but they don’t talk about it. One in four people say they are doing “okay” or “average” – but only mention negative emotions. That makes it all the more important to ask follow-up questions in situations like this. After all, discussions in confidence can lesson people’s burdens and are crucial to mental health. This is confirmed by Astrid Gabriel, Psychological Coach at Helsana’s health consultation service:

    What gives us strength is taking care of ourselves, acknowledging our feelings and talking about what is getting us down.

    An active lifestyle and relationships strengthen us

    According to the Emotions Study, nature, partnership and friendships are the most important resources for us: people who are active reinforce their positive feelings. Those who frequently engage in activities, enjoy an active social life and exercise or relax regularly, on average experience more positive emotions. Physical closeness is also important: people who hug more frequently are better off. It reduces stress, calms us down and strengthens the cardiovascular system. One-third of respondents would like more hugs.

    Read the specifics of how Switzerland is feeling now.

    How friendship gives us strength

    Friendship provides stability and comfort. Those who can put their trust in others get by more easily. Ewa Bolli and Bettina Konetschnig explain what friendship means to them and why their trusting relationship is so important to them. Their partners both died of cancer.

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    Helsana health consultation

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