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Committed to life. This promise embodies what Helsana represents and the mission we are committed to: we are there for our customers. Throughout your life. Helping you stay healthy. So that you recover quickly. Or can live a better life when affected by illness.

Long live life.

Talking about psychological difficulties is often a taboo subject. This often makes those affected feel stigmatised and neglected. Helsana is addressing the issue of mental health and providing the necessary visibility to the public in Switzerland.

Mental health

Am I getting enough exercise? Am I getting enough sleep? Do I breathe properly? Do I maintain my social life? Glancing at the posters of the new campaign inevitably makes you think about your own situation. The message on the posters and in both new advertisements is clear: all these activities are essential for our mental wellbeing. With our new campaign, we are helping people to better understand their own mind and provide practical tips. Let’s learn how to boost our mental health.

Here are the key facts about the study and some tips for good mental health

Helsana Emotions Study

How are the people of Switzerland feeling? What are they preoccupied with – and where do they draw their strength from? Between April and July 2022, Helsana surveyed 5,500 people in Switzerland as part of a representative survey. The findings of the Helsana Emotions Study are surprising. Here are the key facts about the study:

Emotions in Switzerland – and what can help make us mentally resilient

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