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Committed to life. This promise embodies what Helsana represents and the mission we are committed to: we are there for our customers. Throughout their lives. Helping them stay healthy. Recover quickly. Or live a better life when affected by illness.

Image campaign

The image ad shows the type of situation in which people come into contact with us, where our commitment is particularly called for, and where it makes an impact. In an emergency abroad, on the birth of your child, if you are trying to improve your well-being, or if you are having problems with your health and need support - we are there for you.

"Committed to first aid."

In an emergency, first aid can save someone’s life. But do people know what to do in an emergency? Helsana has been an official partner of the Swiss Red Cross since January 2020. Together, we are committed to the health and well-being of Switzerland’s population. Our current campaign underscores this mission. Its aim is to encourage people to engage with the topic of first aid. Are you willing to help?

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"Committed to making children’s eyes light up."

With this campaign, we express our commitment to the Theodora Foundation. In our ad, we demonstrate how the Giggle Doctors also inspire the imagination of children over and above visiting them in hospital. And their visits certainly have a wider impact than just touching the hearts of these young patients.

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