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Fasten your seat belt, your engine is running,

Want to work independently with plenty of creative freedom? Great! We've got something to offer you:

  1. Internship
  2. Career Start


Come and test the water

Have you just pocketed a Bachelor's degree? Are you eager to find out where your vocational strengths and interests lie? An attractively sized company like Helsana can offer you an opportunity to do just that. An internship is the right choice for graduates who want to put their existing know-how to the test before moving on to a Master's.

Our offer – your chance

An internship at Helsana of between three and six months is your chance to identify your interests and take them a step further. Working in different departments, you'll get an insight into a variety of interesting professional careers, all within an exciting and dynamic industry sector. There, you'll be able to put your theoretical expertise into practice. The application areas are many and varied: for example, you could work on projects, develop new concepts, or get to know our day-to-day business operations.

You can help make us even more interdisciplinary and diverse …

You must be a graduate with a Bachelor's degree from a university or technical college. It's your personal skills, though, that we value most: you need to be motivated, good at communicating and independent. You're a team player, but have management potential too. You can work under pressure and are prepared to learn new material beyond your field of study. Why not put what you've learned to a practical test in a real working environment? With assets like these, your internship at Helsana is sure to be a big success.


Career Start

Climb on board

...Soon you will have your degree in your hands. Or maybe you have it already. Either way, you already have your next major project in mind: You want to reap the rewards of your academic success. Of course. Helsana offers many different opportunities to do that. In an exciting industry, with interesting professions. At Helsana you can climb on board, develop your expertise and personal skills - and climb the ladder.

... and build a career

What you contribute is your university study. If you come from a technical college, you may also have some professional experience. However, what's most important is your personal skills. You are motivated and communicative. You are a team player but also have leadership potential. In addition, you are resilient and willing to learn new things once you graduate. With this package, you have the best opportunities for pursuing a professional and managerial career at Helsana.