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Denis Camenisch - Services Checking invoices...

Although we encourage the use of electronic correspondence, we still receive a lot of mail. From Monday to Friday, Helsana processes approximately 200,000 invoices from private and corporate customers. Bills from doctors and therapists, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers are recorded, checked and settled.

Employees at the Service Centres in Bellinzona, Lausanne, St. Gallen, Worblaufen and Stettbach provide an empathetic ear on the phone. Due to their proximity, they know the individual needs of our customers and this is demonstrated every day during inquiries about benefits and bills. Questions about potential benefits are quickly resolved by a telephone call to Helsana. The situation is very different in Case Management, where we look after insured persons with complex illnesses. Emergency treatments abroad are supervised and handled by a specialised team.

Meltem Ceylan - Services ... Purchasing services ...

Even after switching to the flat-rate payment system, we still purchase freely tradable services. This applies to all those treatments that are not covered by the basic insurance. Here it is important to agree tariffs with doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We also assist companies in promoting the health of their employees with the specially developed Helsana Business Health programme. Health promotion in the workplace and absence and generation management are the central themes of the programme.

... providing customer service, and much more

We also operate a customer service department which really provides service to our customers. Out employees are trained accordingly. Consultations based on written and telephone inquiries are provided in Bellinzona, Dübendorf, Lausanne, St. Gallen and Worblaufen. This proximity to our customers guarantees a sensitive response.

Business area

This is just a small sample of the responsibilities in the Services business area.

Esther Corpataux - Services It includes the following units:
  • Specialist Service Systems
  • Service Contracting
  • Service Management
  • Corporate Services
  • Services staff
  • Customer service Centre - Bellinzona, Berne, Lausanne, St. Gallen, Zurich
  • Customer service corporate and international
Susanne Henseler - Services Staff who work in these units:
  • doctors
  • business economists
  • business administrators
  • paramedical professionals
  • people from other backgrounds
  • economists - most with advanced specialist training