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The professional world of Helsana

Marketing & Sales

Attracting private and corporate customers, ...

In Switzerland, it is no mean feat to attract around 1.9 million insured persons. Decades of successful work have made that possible. Our network of 41 branch offices spans five regions of the country, so we can provide personal contact to prospective and existing private and corporate customers through regional intermediaries, brokers and Helsana, even in outlying areas.

Roberto Stampfli - Sales ... Growing customer acquisitions ...

We use a variety of marketing activities to build prospective acquisition contacts. In this way, our marketing professionals ensure that our customer base grows continually. Policies are often concluded in direct contact between the customer and one of our sales advisors. This guarantees that customers are appropriately insured and properly looked after. And professional service ensures that policies are effectively extended.

... creating an identity, and much more

A company needs a character, a personality, a recognisable concept - in short, a corporate identity. This is the only way the company can be perceived, experienced and believed in. We operate integrated communications and brand management so that Helsana and our exponents are heard and unterstood.

Business area

This is just a small sample of the responsibilities in the Sales business area.

Daniel Weissert - Sales It includes the following units:
  • Brokers/Partners
  • Direct Sales
  • General Agencies and Sales Offices
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Cross Channel Management
  • Sales Management
  • Business Engineering Sales
Staff who work in these units:
  • marketing specialists
  • insurance experts
  • business administrators
  • business economists
  • people from other backgrounds - most with advanced specialist training