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Medical Examiner's Office

Giving an independent assessment ...

Helsana is a partner and a service provider to its customers, and it is also a contractual partner.

However, where benefits need to be clarified in more detail, impartial evaluations are very important to customers. Helsana operates a Medical Examiner's Office (MEO), and the doctors that work there are independent. This means that these doctors are not instructed by any party when drawing up their expert opinions - including Helsana.

... Consulting on cases, and much more

Our MEO has branches in all language regions of Switzerland. The office advises Helsana on medical issues and any ambiguities in the application of tariffs and compensation. It also archives medical documents. The regional branches of the MEO operate particularly as a partner and consultant to Helsana customers, and to doctors, clinics and other health care providers.

Business area

This is just a small sample of the responsibilities in the Medical Examiner's Office business area.

It includes the following departments:
  • MEO Administration
  • Central Medical Examiner's Office
  • Local Medical Examiner's Office - Bellinzona, Berne, Lausanne, St. Gallen, Zurich
Staff who work in these units:
  • doctors
  • medical assistants
  • medical practice assistants
  • business administrators - most with advanced specialist training