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The professional world of Helsana

Human Resources

Attracting and taking care of staff, ...

HR employees follow the natural lifecycle of employment: staff are recruited, employed, join the company, work, earn, undergo further training and development. So the tasks for which Human Resources is responsible are correspondingly diverse. And all for around 3,000 employees.

... creating favourable conditions, and much more

A part of these tasks is finding the ideal person to fill each vacancy. Attractive and healthy conditions need to be created for employees. We plan their careers together and provide the appropriate training.

Incidentally, Helsana has been awarded the "Friendly Work Space" seal of quality by "Health Promotion Switzerland" for its commitment in the field of occupational health management. Furthermore, Helsana was voted one of the 100 best places for economists to work in a survey of 7,000 students at 20 Swiss universities.

Business area

This is just a small sample of the responsibilities in the Human Resources business area.

It includes the following units:
  • Training
  • Care Management
  • Compensation/HR Systems
  • HR Consulting
  • HR Marketing
  • HR Services
  • Management Development
  • Organisation Development
  • Staff Insurance
  • Company Pension Plan
Staff who work in these units:
  • Business economists
  • business administrators
  • psychologists
  • economists - most with advanced specialist training