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Health Policy

Presenting our positions, ...

As one of the largest health and accident insurers in Switzerland, you have a strong voice. Helsana makes good use of this position. Our experts express their opinions on issues and problems related to healthcare, particularly health policy, and share ideas with industry associations and government agencies. Helsana also publishes position statements and regularly issues its magazine "Standpunkt" ("Point of View"). Helsana also presents its positions at events, symposia and lectures.

... Debating points of view, providing information and much more

Important matters which are currently the subject of discussion include the single health insurance scheme initiative and the flat-rate scheme, the per-capita premium system and the benefits catalogue. And these are just some of the issues being debated across the country. Whenever the opportunity arises, Helsana spokespeople express their point of view - especially the arguments that lead to one or the other recommendation. In addition, we draw up and publish scientific studies on health issues, partly in collaboration with universities or service providers.

The media office keeps journalists informed about the company's position. Corporate Publishing produce the in-house magazines and appearances on social media channels.

It includes the following units:
  • Media relations
  • Economics & Politics
  • Health Sciences
Staff who work in these units:
  • Business economists
  • economists
  • and other experts - most with advanced specialist training