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One of the largest health and accident insurers in Switzerland deserves a say. And Helsana makes use of this right. Our experts say what they think of the problems plaguing the health sector and in particular the current health policy, and exchange ideas with associations and government offices. Helsana publishes position papers and regularly issues its magazine “Standpunkt”. Helsana also defends its position at events, conferences and presentations.

... Defending positions, providing information and much more

Current topics of importance where Helsana is taking a position include the concept of uniform financing, the adjustment of premium regions, tariffs (in particular Tarmed), and the regulation of medication prices. And these are only some of the topics that are currently being debated nationwide. Whenever an opportunity arises, the spokespersons for Helsana explain the company's views, and in particular the arguments that underlie one or the other proposal. We also analyse and publish scientific studies on health topics, sometimes in cooperation with universities or services providers. The Media Office informs journalists of the company's position.

Health Policy comprises the following units:
  • Media Office
  • Public Affairs French-speaking Switzerland
  • Economy and Politics
  • Public Health Sciences

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