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The professional world of Helsana

Finance & Insurance

Oliver Cianelli - Finance Managing assets, drawing up analyses, ...

The Finance business area includes all services related to the financial management of Helsana. Asset management ensures that the financial balance of Helsana is maintained in the long term. In dialogue with the group divisions, budgets are prepared, projections and financial reports created and processes optimised. Controlling & Information Management makes an essential contribution to the management of the company.

Kemal Bulut-Finance ... Calculating risks, and much more

Mathematical methods are used to evaluate and estimate risks, e.g. for insurance, investments and liquidity. Of course we also perform the traditional tasks of accounting, financial accounting and accounts payable accounting.

Business area

This is just a small sample of the responsibilities in the Finance business area.

It includes the following units:
  • Asset Management
  • Business Engineering Finance
  • Controlling & Planning
  • Arrears Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Actuarial and Mathematics
  • Insurance
staff who work in these units
  • Business economists
  • controllers
  • financial specialists
  • business administrators
  • mathematicians and economists - most with advanced specialist training