Jobs & Career

What Helsana has to offer

Working hours structured to suit you

Our employees have different needs, preferring to work at certain times of the day, or on certain days of the week. As a modern employer, Helsana accommodates their needs.

Flexible working times

Our employees are allocated an annualised working time, depending on their level of employment, based on a 40-hour week. Actual working hours can be tailored to individual needs, provided that work is performed between 6am and 8pm. Of course, these hours must also be compatible with the company's needs.

Part-time employment

Over 25 percent of Helsana employees work part-time, and this trend is rising. Our 3,000 employees correspond to approximately 2,700 full-time positions.


Helsana offers 27 to 30 vacation days a year which is significantly above the Swiss average. From the age of 50, employees also receive an additional week of vacation.

Partial retirement

As a Helsana employee you can even structure your retirement flexibly. This allows you to prepare a smooth path into retirement: Depending on operational capabilities, you can reduce your working time or decide to stop working early between the ages of 58 and 65.