Jobs & Career

What Helsana has to offer

Our employees grow and develop

Naturally you want to develop and advance, both personally and professionally - and then earn more. Helsana gives its employees real support to achieve this.

Encouraging potential

We want to identify our employees' strengths and encourage their potential. This is why we help them make the most of every professional opportunity, including through coaching, mentoring and e-learning. In addition, we run PC and systems training courses specially developed for Helsana, specialist and management training and an assessment centre.

Specialist and management training

To optimise our employees' specialist qualifications, Helsana runs introductory courses in the core business of health insurance, among other things. We also offer specialised training in personal insurance and courses in correspondence and communication. And for both junior managers and management staff with a proven track record we offer targeted management courses.

Development Centre

Equally important from a strategic perspective is our Development Centre. Helsana uses this facility to prepare staff with the relevant potential for positions in upper management.