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What Helsana has to offer

Working at Helsana – being and staying healthy

Helsana attaches great importance to the health of its staff. That is why we have a systematic and holistic occupational health management (OHM) policy. A team of OHM specialists is committed to creating optimal framework conditions for maintaining employees’ health and performance and promoting health literacy. And it is successful in this endeavour: in 2012 and 2015, Health Promotion Switzerland awarded Helsana the quality seal “Friendly Work Space” for its commitment to occupational health management.

Helsana offers:

Prevention – so employees don’t even get sick in the first place:

  • A health promotion committee which offers a varied programme on an annual basis featuring presentations and events aimed at strengthening health literacy with a focus on exercise, nutrition and relaxation
  • Training managers in health-oriented leadership
  • Workshops, e.g. to encourage personal stress management
  • Individual consultation on workplace ergonomics
  • “StayWell” online tool to analyse personal situations
  • Relaxation areas and nursing rooms
  • ICAS support services and family service
  • Healthy, balanced meals in our staff restaurants
  • Fitness offers at the Helsana Health Club (head office)
  • Close cooperation with experts in team and organisational development, so that stress (e.g. time pressure and interruptions) can be reduced as much as possible and support factors (e.g. mutual assistance, appreciation) are strengthened

Early detection – if nevertheless initial health impairments occur:

  • Sensitisation and training of managers, so that they can identify employees’ health problems as early as possible and deal with them in a professional manner
  • Systematic absence management, so that verbal support can be offered in good time in case of frequent absences

Monitoring – in case of recurring or long-lasting health problems:

If in spite of prevention and early identification measures, health problems recur or persist over an extended period, the “Care” service is provided which professionally monitors affected employees and their line managers and encourages reintegration in the workplace