A corporate culture which enables change

We want people who are open to change and – more than that – actively drive it. We thus maintain and encourage a corporate culture that gives you the necessary creative freedom and personal responsibility to do so. A culture that allows each and every employee to live up to our shared values and bring them to light in all aspects of everyday life. For they in turn define our corporate culture.

We cultivate values

Reliability, we and I, trust, passion and determination are our values. They guide us in our daily work and actions, and are key pillars of our corporate culture: we promote initiative, independence, entrepreneurial spirit and open feedback. We also attach great importance to team building, mindfulness and fostering respect and appreciation. And, we all operate on a first-name basis – which facilitates direct communication, collaboration and respect across all levels and departments.

Our shared values and culture also create a strong sense of cohesion in times of change and transition, as we are all moving in one direction. This is confirmed by the high level of satisfaction and pride in our company, which is regularly verified by our employees in annual surveys., bestätigt uns darin.

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