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While a highly complex company with over 3,000 employees requires regulated working hours, this doesn’t mean they have to be inflexible.

Like our employees, those who want to structure their working day for the most part themselves and are often involved in larger projects shouldn’t have to organise their life around their work, but be able to combine the two flexibly. We make it possible.

For example with:

Depending on their employment level, our employees are allocated personal annual working hours based on a 40-hour working week. This weekly number of hours can be individually structured in agreement with us within a daily time frame from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. We are also open to home office or job sharing arrangements and wherever possible, will pave the way.

A lower level of employment is a highly attractive means of adapting work and career paths to suit individual life situations. Around 33 per cent of our employees currently take advantage of the opportunity to work part time – a number that is set to rise. Over 3,000 employees corresponds to some 2,700 full-time jobs.

Gain a fresh perspective, expand your horizons or simply sit back and relax – time out to unwind is absolutely essential. We offer you 27 to 30 days’ holiday a year and thus more opportunity to do so than the average Swiss company.

On reaching 50, employees receive an additional week’s holiday. And those wanting extra free time can buy up to 10 days’ additional leave. The benefits for new parents are also above the legal minimum – 16 weeks’ maternity leave on full pay for mothers and an additional 10 days’ paternity leave for fathers.

The transition to retirement is also made flexible at Helsana. We offer you the opportunity to ease into retirement: if business circumstances allow, you can reduce the number of working hours before the statutory age of retirement. Alternatively, you can opt to take early retirement between the age of 58 and 65.

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