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We support and encourage commitment wherever we can. But we also ensure that no one is constantly pushed beyond their capabilities. Our occupational health management (OHM) comprises numerous preventive and health promoting measures – both on a company level and on an individual level: for example, we help our employees to actively relax, advise them on workplace ergonomics or qualify managers in health-oriented leadership skills. We also offer our OHM service to our corporate customers.

Occupational health management at Helsana

We offer systematic and holistic health management comprising all aspects from early detection to support and reintegration for sick employees. The aim is to create optimal framework conditions for maintaining employees’ health and performance and promoting health literacy, in order to support them in assuming personal responsibility. Health Promotion Switzerland has been acknowledging our efforts to ensure good working conditions since 2012 with the Friendly Work Space label.

What we do:

For us, leadership also means being responsible for the well-being of our employees. That’s why we train our managers in health-oriented leadership and teach them to recognise as early as possible when things are getting out of hand. This includes systematic absence management, so that verbal support can be offered in good time in case of frequent absences. It also includes offering professional support for employees suffering from recurring or extended health problems and their superiors, as well as making every effort at reintegration into the workplace.

A healthy work environment starts with workplace ergonomics – and we are only too happy to offer you tailored advice. Our workplaces are equipped to modern ergonomic standards and have infinitely variable standing/sitting desks. We provide wheelchair users, visually impaired or deaf employees with all the necessary resources and aids. Situated in attractive and central locations, your workplace is well connected and easily accessible. Wherever possible, we also offer you rest areas, nursing rooms, showers, relaxation areas such as roof terraces and – currently in trial – collaborative workspaces.

We believe in the importance of preventive healthcare, staying fit and giving you everything you need to improve your health and performance: including regular lunch and learn events on health and development-related issues. At our headquarters in Dübendorf, we also offer group fitness sessions as well as special offers such as early yoga or mindfulness seminars. And last but not least, staff restaurants at most locations that contribute to the well-being of our employees with a variety of healthy and delicious dishes.

An online tool with an integrated report and measures catalogue is available for analysing your current state of occupational health quickly, comprehensively and, of course, privately. Whether it’s concerning childcare, caring for relatives or for problems such as burnout, bore-out or harassment – when action is needed, you can count on our personal support. Our HR Consulting, our occupational health management experts or our external advisory centres are available to answer all of your health-related questions.


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