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We offer the perfect career–life balance

To ensure your full professional commitment and healthy development, we offer the perfect career–life balance – by giving you the freedom to structure your own work, by offering flexible working hours to meet your individual needs, and by promoting a motivating and healthy environment.

A flexible and needs-based approach

A flexible and needs-based approach The concept of “nine to five” is outdated. The workday of those who pursue goals with self-determination rather than apathy looks very different.

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Occupational health management

Occupational health management Maintaining and promoting employee performance and health is very important to us.

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Motivating conditions

Motivating conditions A high level of motivation and the ability to identify with our goals are top priorities. But that doesn’t mean we don’t offer any other incentives.

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An award-winning employer

Helsana is repeatedly rewarded for being an exemplary employer. Since 2012, for example, we have been deemed a “Friendly Work Space” by Health Promotion Switzerland. In 2018, we were also awarded the “Family AND Career” label. A fantastic recognition of our work to facilitate the reconciliation of work, family and private life and ensure quality between men and women.