Secure data communication

Protection your data is important to us. This is why we always send sensitive data (such as information about your state of health) in encrypted format. For private customers, we recommend the use of our myHelsana customer portal; for any customers who cannot or choose not to use myHelsana, our Helsana Secure Mail e-mail service is available.

Given the status of current technology, sending unencrypted e-mails with sensitive content (e.g. information about your health or financial situation) has proven not to be secure. We can offer you a range of secure communication options, free of charge:


myHelsana customer portal

For private customers, our myHelsana customer portal is the simplest and most convenient solution. Communications and all documents are automatically sent in encrypted format. The customer portal also offers a quick and easy way to take care of all your health insurance matters online.


Helsana Secure Mail

Helsana Secure Mail is an e-mail service for sending encrypted messages. The first time you receive an encrypted e-mail from us, you will be requested to register for Helsana Secure Mail. Find out exactly how this works here.

Do you want to send us an encrypted message?

If you are already registered for Helsana Secure Mail, you can use the following link to sign in to your Helsana Secure Mail account.

Important: messages are limited to a maximum of 9 MB.

Login Helsana Secure Mail Konto

Health Info Net (HIN) for doctors, pharmacies and other service providers

Healthcare service providers such as doctors, hospitals and pharmacies who belong to the Health Info Net (HIN) network can already communicate with us in encrypted format via HIN.

For companies which do not belong to HIN, we recommend the use of Helsana Secure Mail.

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