Patrick Koch

Interim Head of Information Technology

Patrick Koch, born 1965, Swiss, Interim Member of the Executive Board of the Helsana Group since 1 November, 2022, has been with Helsana since January 1997. Mr Koch has held a management position since joining the company, and has also been Interim Head of Information Technology since March 2017. Since January 2019, as Head of Core & Support he has been in charge of the development and operation of business applications in the insurance core functions and financial and HR systems. He is also responsible for 1st Level Support Information Technology. He currently continues to perform this role as before.

Patrick Koch is a qualified analyst and programmer and holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Business IT. Prior to Helsana, Patrick Koch worked for health insurer Helvetia which, together with health insurer Artisana, founded Helsana Insurance Company Ltd on 1 January, 1997. At Helvetia, he was responsible for various applications in a management role.

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