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Helsana’s business reporting is setting out in a whole new direction. Rather than giving account in a printed report once a year, we are using this blog to provide regular, transparent insights into our company - for any reader interested in our business and the Swiss healthcare sector.

20th anniversary of the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act – is it worth celebrating?

KVG 23.12.2016

Rapidly increasing costs, unfair subsidies and reduced benefits. All these factors made it necessary to introduce a new Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG) in 1996. It is a law which to this day makes feelings run high among the Swiss population. What are the positive aspects of the KVG? What issues are still unresolved? A provisional appraisal to mark the 20th anniversary.

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Increasing regulation is the biggest challenge facing health insurers

Risikoausgleich 07.10.2016

In 2017, health insurance premiums will rise at a higher rate than in recent years. New regulatory rules play an important role where this is concerned.

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Act before employees are absent

Psychische Gesundheit EN 16.09.2016

Stress at work, personal problems or financial problems: all of these factors can affect mental well-being, but how should line managers react? How do you identify health problems at an early stage? Helsana has developed innovative tools like StayWell and Leaders Care to support companies.

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