About us

The Helsana Group is the leading health and accident insurer in Switzerland. It offers individuals and companies a complete health and prevention service in the event of sickness and accidents.

“Committed to a healthy you.”

The wellbeing campaign was launched in spring 2019. The campaign focuses on our three health apps: Helsana+, Helsana Trails and Helsana Coach.

A balanced lifestyle is important for health and happiness. The campaign explains how our apps can help people in Switzerland to improve their wellbeing.

  • The Helsana+ app rewards everyone who exercises, takes preventive health measures and chooses Helsana products.
  • The Helsana Coach app can help individuals to achieve their personal health goals.
  • The Helsana Trails app encourages people to head outdoors for exercise and relaxation.

Numerous online measures and activities in our sales offices are designed to raise awareness of our commitment to people in Switzerland.

Full information on the apps can be found on the app microsites.