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"Committed to a balanced life"

With its "Committed to a balanced life" advertising campaign, Helsana urged the Swiss people – with a touch of humour – to adopt a more balanced and hence healthier lifestyle. At the heart of the campaign were two TV commercials. These show – with a wink – how balance means different things to different people: viewers see, for example, a hard rocker re-energising himself doing Pilates, while a muscle-bound dude spends a relaxing evening knitting. These commercials were accompanied by posters, adverts and lots of online material, all pointing to the campaign page, where visitors could find effective tips, inspiration and Helsana's offers, services and expertise to help them find their own individual balance.

Helsana also worked with the media to highlight ways in which people can maintain their balance in everyday life by consciously limiting their consumption of digital media. Balance was the theme of talks by and discussions among experts at the second Helsana health forum, held in the Kursaal in Berne. The "Health Bus on Tour" promotion, which enabled customers and passers-by to assess their own stress levels, rounded off the extensive campaign, demonstrating Helsana's commitment nationwide and at every point of sale.

Campaign commercials